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Thread: Visual Lightbox interference

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    Default Visual Lightbox interference

    Hey guys, it seems like when I have one successful thing happen something goes wrong. I downloaded Visual Lightbox for my gallery page, it's working well in my layout region but when It's something with the coding that's removing my navbar in my masterborder? When I remove the layout region coding, it comes back. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    I use Visual Light Box, but I put mine in an iFrame.. That way I can control it better...
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    You may be inserting more code than you need to. You only use the code between the body tags.
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    This is possibly due to having multiple calls to (different versions) J-Query on the page. VLB uses it, and mostly likely NOF is inserting it's own. You need to eliminate one of them (the VLB one), and make sure the VLB code in the <HEAD> comes in the same relative position to the J-Query call. IE/ If VLB calls J-Query first, then the other relevant scripts, make sure the VLB code (minus the J-Query call) comes after the NOF J-Query call.
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    Chuck, that worked, my navigation bar did not disappear this time, but now the java script isn't working? There's part of the code between the head tags I need to paste in, just not sure which part, and something between the head tags removes my navigation bar, it seems like the java script is fighting something. Thanks for the info.

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    Thanks Ray! That's what it was. I pasted everything in then deleted the <script src="gallery1_files/vlb_engine/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>, and that took care of it. Thanks again.

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