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Thread: I shall never quit NOF! ...

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    More than half a year has passed without any word from NOF staff about a target time for a solution to the high resolution problems.
    This being said, I should expect the chorus of "silent sufferers" to start singing their usual Halleluyah in praise of mediocrity.

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    Yes I agree with you all NOF is a hard slog and the rewards are at the end, when you have mastered it. And then you'r going to stay with it.
    Wouldn't it be nice though, and I'v said this on the forums before, if there were in depth instruction on youtube or in some video format, that take you step by step along the way. It seems like the NOF team don't want to release easy tutorials because they dont want NOF to become to popular and it will always be die-hards who will learn to use Fusion to its full potential after having battled with it for years, accidentally stumbling across bits of information here and there and gleaning it from the super helpful guys, like Franco, on the forums, who we would be lost without.
    NOF isn't for the Dreamweaver brigade, its for newbies and intermediate and people who want an easy life, so if the NOF creators want to sell more product, they should have easy digestable instruction available, have you seen the instruction text for Fusion 13?
    Im sure loads of people try Fusion and put it to one side and move on to some other interest, when they go looking for tutorials.
    I do love fusion and would not consider using anything else, Iv been using Fusion since 1998 heres my own website , which I have updated, with NOF, for 14 years now. I would love to be able to build websites for others and to be able to get to grips with all that Fusion has to offer. Mike

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    There is very comprehensive written documentation on everything from creating your first site through all the capabilities of NoF. Do you really have to have everything in video? I find video learning very frustrating as if I miss a detail which I inevitably do, I have to rewind and then pay attention while the video replays. Then if I miss it again, I have to rewind again. A written document is open until I have finished the operation satisfactorily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Since_v4 View Post
    .... another major rule I observe: losers keep changing and changing only to come across more troubles which takes them to less knowledge and mastery while winners stick to what they know and what they have.
    A very sad and ill guided rule. To be sure, I switched not because of my complaints .. but because I found something easier and richer.

    Plus, that has to be a first .. learning something new "takes them to less knowledge and mastery"? Truly the opposite is true.
    “Change is the end result of all true learning.”
    ― Leo Buscaglia

    NOF has it's merits and I still have customers I sold copies to that I continue to support. I always suggest it when they find the popular CMS's unlikeable, due to frequent plug in updates and troubleshooting that may be incurred with those upgrades. I occasionally come back to these forums to keep fresh with my support to those customers. But starting from scratch for myself to service a client, I have other first choices that allow me to "service" the customer and not waste time (which ends up being money) engaging myself in software wrestling. In the end, listen to the customer; they have no interest in how you come about their requested results. Stay with NOF if you like, but it's limitations are also yours. If you have no demands past those limitations, then you're in the right place.
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    The fact that some of the NOF veterans bought NOF v2015 is real proof that they will not abandon NOF in a hurry.

    Some of the many persons who come to the WYSIWYG world and buy NOF v2015 for the first time will also stay with NOF for a long time ... To them I say: welcome to the cyber-world! ...
    John - I am born to tease, not to please.
    For NOF beginners: read everything here and practice on mock web sites first.
    Before asking a question, search to see if it has not been asked and answered already.

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