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Thread: NOF 12 - HTML Folder Gone - NOF 12 won't create HTML folder anymore

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    Smile Franko, Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by filcro View Post
    Hi Franko,

    OK... I'll try and be back tomorrow... Have a good night!!!
    Franko, Thank you. I now have my HTML files publishing to the same folder as my NOD and Assets. Somehow, the path changed. I'm sure it was my fault.

    My ISP has changed the method for uploads to the server and now I have to figure out new paths and FTP settings.

    I hope if I need help you'll be here for me. You know so much and I can't thank you enough. You helped solve my first problem and also taught me something.

    Thank you very much for that!

    With best regards,

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    No problem. But for what it's worth, I always recommend publishing your Local Publish to a folder that's outside the NoF folders, preferably on a separate physical drive if that's possible, on a separate virtual drive that's regularly backed up if not. You can set the paths for just about everything in NoF; you are not limited to the defaults.

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