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Thread: Demo machine vs development machine

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    I have a development machine running windows and need to transfer a developed web site to a demo machine apple macbook pro so I can show the product to the client. How do I move the local published site to the macbook so it can be demoed off site?

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    1. Local publish site.

    2. Copy local published site to demo machine.

    3. When ready to show site, open index.html on demo machine.


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    I copied the entire folder that had been created by the local publish which contained 3 folders and a file. The home page loads and has some html code in the background or the header area. each page that has a form of email entry displays only html on a white background. What am I doing wrong/missing?

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    If you have any server-side scripts on your site (I.E. PHP, SQL, etc.), these cannot run locally.

    Your options are:
    1. Publish to a temporary directory on a web server and demo it online
    2. Set up a local server on your macbook.

    For #2, I like MOWES as I can install it and run it off a USB stick. (The MOWES website seems to be offline at the moment.) Others here use WAMP.

    I think these are both Windows only, so you may have to hunt around for a Mac-based system.
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    this seems typical if your pages have a php extension instead of html

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