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Thread: opportunity with complications...

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    Lightbulb opportunity with complications...

    I am an inventor. My computer crashed big-time.

    Fortunately I have CrashPlan, but until I get my computer back up and restored, I can only access my backup files from the cloud.

    I have a 50 page website that I built using NOF10. I took it down several months ago.

    I need to burn/paste the site to a CDROM or USB drive, so that a new investor out of nowhere, can browse the site and make a decision on investing.

    I need help identifying the files that I will need to reconstruct the site on local memory.

    Can anyone help?

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    All files at document root
    all files in the html folder
    all files (and folders) in the assets folder
    all files (and folders) in the scripts folder

    This is assuming you used the default publish method which for version 10 was by asset type.
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