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Thread: After working fine, Fusion 2013 seems lost and so do I

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    Quote Originally Posted by bardow View Post
    Dear Franko,

    .................................................. ............

    Also one other thing you might want to add to that site, though it would be different in format would be the URL link for users to go directly to the NetObjects Fusion 2013 excellent User manual which is still online and probably not yet converted to an Acrobat document. The URL is
    Hi there,

    Thanks for the link.
    The online help manual is the right step indeed but the file in .pdf format would be a great thing and of great service to all of us.
    Not everybody can stay online to read Help manuals.

    It should be easy for a web company like NetObjects to convert important documents to .pdf format.
    I am looking forward to see it ....
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    I agree with you, John. The pdf User guide and Getting Started guide were great and were included in the download (and on the disk) for all versions up to 11. It was so much easier to point noobs to them and tell them to work through the Mountain Jacques site. Very often you never heard from them again because they had learned all they needed from these manuals. I've never even looked at the online help for 2013 because, frankly, I already know pretty much everything I need to to build the sites I do.

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    Make sure the latest version of Oracle's Java 32bit JRE is installed. Visit using Internet Explorer. If you do not, install the Windows Offline (32bit) JRE from here:

    Even if you have a 64bit OS.

    Screenshot here:

    NetObjects Fusion 2013 is configured to use the installed version of Java. See here:

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