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Thread: 2 different Essential versions?

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    Default 2 different Essential versions?


    I've just downloaded an actual NOF Essential on my new PC, where I run Win 8.1. On my older PC I've been running NOF Essentials 7.5, I've created an template and wanted now to open it in the NOF Essential version, I've just downloaded. But as it seems the newer Essential (Version 13....) can't process the template created by the old Essential version, there appears a message saying, "can't open the file, it was build with a version incompatible with NOF Essential", so has the format changed?
    Do I have to buy an upgrade or is there a way to run a free Essential version on Win 8.1?

    Many thanks in advance for any advice or help!

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    There is a tutorial on migrating templates from one version to another here

    I've just downloaded the new version of Essentials and hope that the tutorial will fix sites grown in the old Essentials for use in the new one. I also use V12, but it isn't on this new laptop.

    Good luck.


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