Just opened up fusion to update a few pages, couple of quick changes.. did the netobjects update 5 (?)

Now all of my added css3 menus are appearing behind the other elements on the page when you hover over them to being drop down menu.

After a few hours hunting around the web, it appears to be a z-index issue. Comparing my last publish, it looks like the v 5 update of netobjects fusion is adding some z-index values to all the layout regions on the page. After trying to change my style sheet for the css3 menu to have higher and higher z-index value for various elements, the only way I could actually get it to work again was to go into the source code with notepad after it was published and start to change the z-index values that fusion had assigned to the text box elements in the body.

Changing a couple of those values to 1 made the menus work, now appearing over top of the other pictures and text on the page.

This is not a great fix long term, as the next publish will have the same issue, and I am not sure if the z-index elements that need to be changed are named the same two things on each page. If so it would relatively fast to pull up notepadd++ and find replace in files those two z-index values to 1. However I did not have time to sort through all the source of all the pages to check to see what name / ID fusion was giving to each of the two text boxes that are under my css3 menu that is in a layoutregion in the master border across each page.

For the time being I just went to my backup (old published zipped / compressed on the server before update) and hand edited the code on the two pages.

Hope this info helps others who find themselves with the issue.

latest netobjects fusion z-index changes and the possibility that elements may appear behind other elements after update would be a good notice. I realize this may not be an issue when using the embedded menus that come with fusion. Most likely only affecting other elements added when doing "edit html" or embedding code in another way. So now have to check all my third party add ins when publishing.