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Thread: Problems updating photos NoF 12

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    Default Problems updating photos NoF 12

    Hi, guys.

    NoF 12 has suddenly started acting funny. When I try to update photos on a page, the Image Manager opens in ghost form. I say ghost form because I can see through it. The only parts of it that are clearly visible are where I can change the size and the crop button. It will not let me out of it. After I place the photo, I can do nothing else, no other buttons work. I have to open my computers task manager and end the NoF12 process. Then, when I reenter NoF, I get a message that it can not find a file and will try to recover the page.

    Anybody else having this problem or heard of it?

    Using Windows 7 Pro.


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    It seems most NOF 12 users (like myself) migrated to the latest version(s) and can no longer offer help for your version.
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    I'm beginning to agree.

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