Setting up a page with an Accordion Multi-Layout Region. I have a couple of

1. The overall height of the page appears to be defined by the content of
the largest of the layout regions inside the MLR. But that means that when
they're all closed, there's a huge blank blob between the bottom of the
region and the bottom of the page. Also, smaller regions have a blank
section below them when they're open.

Is there a way to have the page adjust in height as each region is opened?
And can each region inside have it's own height?

The Toggle Pane MLR adjusts the page size as multiple regions are opened,
but the minimum size of the area is still the size of the largest region.

2. Is there a way to link to a specific MLR region, and have that region
OPEN when the link is clicked?

I tried using an anchor, but the link just brought me to the page with the
MLR in the default status.

I'm sure I've seen this (#2 at least) in a couple of open-source scripts,
but hoping good ol' NOF can take care of it for me.