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Thread: I never get the bottom banner layout across the screen at 100%

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    Default I never get the bottom banner layout across the screen at 100%


    Using NOF2013 selecting any custom template available,
    When I publish my website I notice that I never get the bottom banner stretched all the way across the page. It always a fixed width, Please advise. I need it to be all across. Thanks. Please See image.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You need to create it as part of your background image and then set the image to repeat horizontally but not vertically. You may have to create different length backgrounds for different sized pages.

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    Hi Franko, I found this post which answered my question as well but I don't know how to change the background image and then set it to repeat as mentioned above. I have made a few websites but it's been quite a while. The last time I did one was when FrontPage was around. So it's all new again. Any help you can offer is appreciated.

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