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Thread: Migration from Netobjects Fusion 12 to 13

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    Default Migration from Netobjects Fusion 12 to 13

    Today I bought the upgrade from 12 to 13, installations worked fine.

    At the first start it downloads an upgrade or a servicepack, and when I tried to open the old Version 12 .nod file it crashes and with that crash the file was deleted.

    Okay, so I have tried to "import" it from my local filesystem (where I published it before with rel. 12) but it does'nt import the complete structure (before I had 79 pages) AND NOW I am not able to open the imported pages

    I only got an error message that "The page is too big, you can re-size the page size in the design view (or you can start it when running on a windows NT)

    Does'nt feel very good now.

    OS: Windows 8.1 (Version 6.3 Build 9600)
    12GB RAM


    Here you can see the last version I had created with Netfusion Objects Rel. 12

    Whats the correct way to import my website to make in run under Rel. 13?

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    This tutorial should explain how to migrate site projects

    More info specific to each function an be found in these tutorials

    Here is a tutorial that covers where Fusion wants to keep everything on your computer
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    Yes you will. Follow the instructions in the documentation and you should have no problems???

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