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Thread: Navigation bar .swf files incompatible with Adobe Flash Player

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    Default Navigation bar .swf files incompatible with Adobe Flash Player

    I have been unable to either do local publsh or publish my website due to issues with Navigation bar .swf files. (See attached error report.)

    This means one thing, namely, NOF12 is now obsolete. Its navigation bar .swf files are incompatible with Adobe flash player. Your Support department has been unable to help resolve the issues for months. I started with Essentials before moving up to NOF12. After years of patronizing you, now this disappointment. Unless you can resolve this issue, I cannot see people using your software.
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    just remember, SWF files are Not compatible with mobile devices.... Its not NoF.. its everything else unfortunately..

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    Default Attaching a template of website with issue

    The issue is that I cannot publish (local or web) using this specific NOF12 template. Adobe flash player keeps preventing it because of the Navigation bar with .swf files. I am not using a mobile device; I work from my laptop with vista operating system. I had been posting this issue on the correct forum of NOF12 trouble shooting without any satisfactory result. I posted it here hoping that you could upgrade your software in due course. I had given up hope. The template you requested is attached.
    I am not a webmaster; you advertised that one could use the NOF12 without being a webmaster. If the template I sent is the wrong one, kindly guide mE on how to make the correct one for you.
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    Default Attaching .zip template exceeds quota

    I tried to upload the .zip template file. I got error message that it exceeds my quota. (see attached screenshot). I tried unsuccessfully to delete some of the old ones. What do I do? I appreciate you. Please bear with me.
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    I now uploaded the .zip file to my public_html. The link to download it is
    Thank you for your patience.

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    This is a profound relief. Thanks a million. What is the implication of this? Do I have to invest in NOF 2013 at this time? Some of the internal links are not working properly, meaning I shall need to work these out. I think I can continue editing as before while ignoring the links in the flash menus in local publish.

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    Hi, hope I am not taking too much of your time. Do I understand that upgrading to NOF 13 would solve the problem with swf files? In other words, NOF 13 does not use swf files; is that correct?

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    I want to clear a point. NOF 12 templates I used before had no issue of swf files. Of interest to me at this point, is that any template with issue of swf files maybe rendered useful by importing template of the site to NOF13 as you did in the quote below. Is this correct? This means that NOF 13 can be used to resolve future issues of swf because NavigationBar of my website, according to the link you sent, worked on my tablet. When I published the same site without importing into NOF13, it does not. This is important because I cannot invest in many software at a time. I can invest in NOF 13 if it works this way. Regards.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluesman View Post
    Hi again ... If you don't mind? I did a publish of your site:
    Works fine it seams to me. I only imported your template to NOF 2013 and then published to this subfolder in my webhotel...
    In local publish the links don't works in the flash menus. But that you have to live with

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    Thank you very much. You have been wonderful.

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    Hi, Nice to read from you. I have bought the NOF13. I made another template in NOF12 and opened it in Nof13. The flash navbar did not work on my tablet. I changed the nav bar to graphycal. Former issues with local publishing and previewing stopped. I tried to upload the entire corrected webssite. I now have issues with some assets that could not be uploaded. I have taken a ticket with my IP ( on that.

    I would be happy to use what you published as reference, especially it being able to use flash navigator bar on my tablet.

    There seems to be a conflict between the swf versiion and the graphycal version. Please send template of what you published to

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