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Thread: Error 201 - using the SMTP server '25' with hosting provider Go-Daddy.

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    And perhaps he had the SMTP server set to be simply '25'.

    '25' is the standard SMTP port, not a name for a SMTP server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duanerd View Post
    So I just got off the phone with Go-Daddy and they told me that my form won't work according the settings that are asked for on Net-object. They do not allow it. I would have to use instead of an ip in order to send mail, otherwise I keep getting this:

    [Error 201] Could not send email to '' from '' using the SMTP server '25'. Please check if you have access to the SMTP server.

    I'm tired of banging my head to try and fix this.... could use any help. Is there anyone else that has had to setup a contact form on a go daddy hosting under a Microsoft environment?

    Could really use some assistance here.

    Hi Duane,

    Why would you host with GoDaddy when there is NOF specialized hosting service with complete NOF support?

    Go to to see what I mean.
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    I think you answered your question in your OP.. If Go Daddy does not support the functions arranged by NoF.. then you basically have 3 choices.

    1. Migrate to a different Web Host. I use A2Hosting. The only reason I mention that one is because I chose to use a Host which actually has NetObjects configurations in it's FAQs. I moved away from Yahoo because it was not compatible with some of the Form and Upload functions in NoF. I too beat myself up for a while before I decided to switch.. and am MUCH happier now. Yahoo wasn't bad, but I wanted to do more than it would let me.
    2. Use a 3rd Party form creator which IS compatible with GD's configurations and then integrate that into your NoF websites.
    3. Use a different website creation platform.
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