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Thread: Problems with special symbols like , , and in the textfield

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    Question Problems with special symbols like , , and in the textfield

    Dear Users,

    I do have a big Problem with NETObject Fusion (11). I created a huge site with 20 pages. After publishing it, all special characters like , and even french characters like and converted by Publishing it in the web to questionmarks (?). In the textfield in NOF 11 by writing it, there where no problems at all. Is there a posibility to change it easily or do I have to put for every special character in the text a HTML-window with the correct HTML-mask in it, which whould be a lot of work!

    I`ld be happy about any answer to solve my Problem!


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    The only solution I know is the one you've already discovered. Use Ctrl-T to input a special html character.

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    for the German characters you need to select Tools>Options>Current Site and set your Text formatting characters to Western European ISO 8859-15..

    When you paste or type characters to a text field, they will always look correct, but when you publish and have the characters set wrong, it will come out like jumbled Egyptian..

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