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Thread: Guestbook - configuring email settings

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    Default Guestbook - configuring email settings

    Hi, trying to add the Guestbook feature to my website, but am not familiar enough with the email settings to make it work. When I publish the site, the Guestbook page shows the form, but with the following message: 'An error occured. Please contact the site administrator. Error code: 540".

    From the Guestbook 'General' page:
    E-mail settings:
    Server address:
    Port: 25

    Also open boxes for smtp & smtp requires ssl

    Not sure what those settings are, or where to find the appropriate information.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

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    More details of the error were disclosed when the option to apply debug was checked. The guestbook database could not be accessed because it did not exist. The problem was resolved by checking the "automatic generate" option for the guestbook database.

    John C.

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