I installed Plogger successfully in the following folder on my host;
I viewed Plogger successfully in Firefox and IE
I then embedded Plogger into a page named photos
I changed the file extension from .html to .php
I draw a text box, hit Ctrl+T and insert the following;
<?php include("http://www.mydomain.com/plogger/index.php"); ?>
I published the site to Wamp Server 2.2 and viewed all the pages, including the gallery of Plogger, (linked to Internet)
I then uploaded the files via FTP to folder http://www.mydomain.com/k7/
I viewed the site successfully, but the Gallery of Plogger do not display on/in the page,
I read that you must include the following at root level .htaccess -
AddHandler php-script .html
#BEGIN Plogger
#END Plogger
The Gallery is still not functioning,
I setup the same .htaccess file in plogger folder, still not displaying
I setup the .htaccess file in the k7 folder where I uploaded the site, still not displaying,
What did I omit, or did wrong?