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Thread: Converting websites to NoF

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    Default Converting websites to NoF

    In my short time in these forums, one question I see constantly is How do I convert a website from X software or online to NoF...

    I think (and this is not meant to sound cold in any way) what many people don't truly realize is that a Website is written BY NoF based on your actions performed in it's graphic Interface software, not the other way around.

    Let me explain. NetObjects (and other similar suites) provides a quite versatile work-space in which you add and move items around. Old-School terminology this was called creating a Paste-Up, later called Desktop Publishing and today more commonly referred to as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) suite. You assign commands and configurations to your items and ultimately hit Publish. Make no mistake, You have not made a website.. And you have not (nor have I) programmed squat..

    NetObjects then takes that large amount of data (image names, coordinates, colors, commands etc..) and does a whole lot of figuring out What you built, filling in the blanks with How you built it and what you want it to do, and then out the pipe comes all the necessary scripts, programming, tools and tricks... custom written to be your website. So, what you have in front of you on another suite is simply that suite's workspace, NOT a website or something universal which should open in any other platform.

    You can turn Peanuts to Peanut butter, but you can't really reverse engineer that to get the peanuts back..

    Now, that said... Sure, upgrading within NoF from other versions.. I can see that as a "want".. but from other platforms or completed websites, its really not possible...

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    Well said. Here's how we describe it:

    It is exceptionally difficult to import an existing website for continued use and editing into NetObjects Fusion (or any other website generator).

    NetObjects Fusion is an HTML generator; the reason it's so shockingly easy to use is because it creates all of the code for you based on your WYSIWYG design. The Fusion file (.nod) is an object oriented database that stores the instructions for building your website; the website itself is only created when you publish it. There is no way to accurately reinterpret the published code back into the appropriate database field.

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    As I have said many times when this comes up, it's like taking a cake and trying to get eggs and milk and flour out of it.

    You provide the ingredients (text, graphics, positioning) and NOF makes the cake for you (website).
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    or pate d foie gras and trying to get a goose

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