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    I have downloaded the free version and I am impressed with the software. I would like to know if I purchase the software does some of the functions change. For instance when I try and create a photo gallery it creates another page in my tree. For instance. If I click on picture and then picture gallery and I click on a spot on the home page it allows me to put my picture or pictures there and everything works as intended, however it creates a new page in my web tree. So when I publish the site, then if I hover over the links it will show another link attached to one of the links which represents the photo gallery. I need to have no extra links. The page needs to look clean. I am going to create several hundred photo galleries and that would make my site look a mess. Do you think the paid version will give me what I want? The second thing is I am a little confused when I go to the top of my software and click on upgrade it takes me to a page that says 75.00. This is great but I am on the free version. I noticed that there is a 129.00 price. I am assuming that the 75.00 is for people that already own a paid version and would like to upgrade and the 129.00 is to get me started so that I can get the 75.00 price for future upgrades?

    Please help. The last time I ever used a web software because I am not a web guy, it was called front page 2003. A little easier to use but a little more limited.

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    The free Fusion software and commercial are very much similar so there is a very short learning curve between them.

    If you are going to have several hundred photo galleries on a web site you should be looking at dedicated photo gallery software. At the minimum, something like the WOW slider. This will allow you to place each gallery in it's own folder and call the code into a single page (a list of galleries) to keep things organized. Getting extremal code generated ny photo gallery software into Fusion is a painless process:

    There are other photo authoring software products on the market that you should look into also. I am sure others on the forum will chip in with their recommendations.

    as to upgrading to the commercial version of Fusion from the free one I "believe" that the free version is a qualifying product but NetO would be the ones to ask about that:
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