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    Default Any cool responses about 2013

    This question may have been ask I am sure, but one still using NOF 11 not having purchased NOF 12 but may jump right to 13 if I decide to upgrade. Would anybody care to tell me the cool new features that 13 has that in my case NOF 11 does not have? Wondering if it is really worth spending the money for.

    One feature I know from reading on this forum is people have used third party applications for CMS I was so hoping that the makers of Fusion would finally incorporate that particular feature into a new version as something you can set up really really easy. Have they done that yet or not?

    UPDATE: I don't know if the silence of nobody not saying anything about 2013 is good or bad. I just more or less wondered if there was enough newer stuff or slightly older stuff made more easy that would warrant me purchasing NOF 13?

    I guess with that asked is pretty much the entire program the same on how things are found and done in 13 compared to 11? I am not even carring much about 12 as I am sure whatever up grades they did in 12 from 11 will now be in 13. Any responses would be of help if anybody cares to take a few moments and respond, thanks in advance.
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