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Thread: Not able to FTP files on the server by site structure

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    Default Not able to FTP files on the server by site structure

    I publish newsletters in PDF for one of my clients, and my publish settings are set to "arrange files by site structure" however when FTPing to the server the files are being published in the root directory instead of the "Newsletters" web page directory. The files were previously published in the Newsletters directory but something changed. This site was originally created and used in a previous version of NOF.

    Here is their newsletters page:
    As you can see .. the 2012 newsletters are going in to the Newsletters folder on the server, while the others 2013, 14 1nd 15 are sent to the root directory.

    Thanks in advance for the solution to my issue.

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    go to publish view

    cut the pdf and paste in the correct folder, then publish

    Nof places all file links in the root by default until you teach it otherwise

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    Hi there,

    You may want to use a standalone FTP software like
    It enables you TO SEE where the files are in your PC and where they go into the server.
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