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    Default Pop Up Box Questions

    Is there a way when we do a popup box picture off of a thumbnail that comes up in the center to get rid of the address white bar. I have enclosed a picture asking the question in that area.

    Also in relationship to the popup box I know behind the scenes there are boxes we can check off for various things like toolbars to be visable and in particular a resizeable set up to be able to resize the popup box should we need it. If that is the case how come even without checking that box can I still go in the corner and move it out? I assumed if the resize box was not checked then it would be a fixed box and we could not move it at all?

    One last thing

    If we want to be able to print this coupon out I assume we would need to add a toolbar on top to give us the option of going there and click on the print tab? Is there any other way to be able to print this maybe with a html code or something so that when you right mouse click for options it would give you a print option? I know you could copy the image and then pasted it down in another place to print it or send it to yourself in e-mail then print it out, but wanted to print it out right then and there hopefully without adding the toolbar.

    Update: I just noticed that each brower is different when it comes to the print thing I was asking about above. In firefox it looks like you need a tool bar on top or someway to print it out. In Chrome if you place your mouse cursor on the blue surrounding box at the top and right mouse click you can get the print option. In IE you can get the print option by right mouse clicking right on the picture itself.

    In either case I still need to know if there is a way of getting rid of the URL white area portion of the box altogether
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