I am quite experienced in NOF10 but have a problem in development that I just cannot see what is causing it.
the url is http://www.libertybs.co.uk/clients/theruperaarms

The most frustrating is on the LOCATION page where I have embedded code for a google map. Pretty straightforward BUT it does not align with the image on the left and is too far down in the
Layout Region (although it's as much to the top as I can put it within the Layout Region). The header part (telephone number ) also seems to be different spacing to the other pages. Nothing is overlapping, I have tried Fixed page / table / Frame...without success.

Even on the other pages, where there is html code inserted for the gallery, there should not be a black space between the photo and gallery and the section below. Somehting is causing this that I cannot see.

I am stumped on thsi one(!) Any thoughts anyone? Thanks.