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Thread: Computer crashed have backed up to a USb flash

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    Default Computer crashed have backed up to a USb flash

    Computer crashed, running Vista. I have my website backed up onto a usb flash drive and external drive, It was built in NOF11, and I am trying to get it to go into NOF 12. I can't make it work i am now running win 8.1
    is there anyway to get my site up an going again by installing the backups from the flash or external drive to the new program. I do have NOF 11 installed on the new computer also, would be happy enough to get this running without having to rebuild the whole thing. i had paid a SEO a ton of money to do work on this site and don't want to lose it
    I am not a computer person at all and really struggling with this
    thank you in advance for help
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    What exactly do you mean by "backed up"? Do you have site templates that you exported? Did you backup your User Sites folder? Did you back up the published site?

    We have to know what you have to point you in the right direction.
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