I have been using NOF Essentials since 2010 on my Windows XP Computer (unfornutaley I don't have the exact version anymore). I have upgraded my Desktop computer to Windows 7 Professional and downloaded NOF Essentials 2014. But unfortunately I couldn't Import the old nod-file containing my Website. Then I read that I should have saved the Website as a template in the old Version. Therefore I wanted to use the old Setup of NOF Essentials and install it on my Laptop which still runs under Windows XP. However when I try to run the Setup "NOF-Essentails_de.exe" I get the following error message when I provide my email-address in order to get a license key: "Bei der Verbindung zur Registrier-URL ist ein Fehler aufgetreten" (English: An error occurred when trying to connect to the registration URL). I have checked the Internet Connection on my Laptop and it is working. Does anybody have an idea how this Problem can be solved? All I Need is a license key so that I could install the old Version of NOF Essentials on my Windows XP Laptop and Access my Website in order to Export it as a template.

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,