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Thread: FSI.DLL error on netobjects 13 load

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    Default FSI.DLL error on netobjects 13 load

    Just tried to load NO13 after using it for a year or so and got a message that the fsi.dll was the wrong version. Message said to reinstall NO13 which I did and it still gives the message. How do I get arround this as I obviously need to get a project updated asap.

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    Did you uninstall first? Once you have, search for the fsi.dll file and delete it if it's still there. Then reinstall.

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    Many times have I uninstalled and the only versions of the fsi file were renamed to fsi11 and fsi12. there was not one there in the NO13 area.

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    Did a quick search on that and it seems it crops up with NOF users perioidically.

    First possible fix looks to be Run NOF as Administrator.

    If that doesn't work, it looks to be some sort of corruption with the OS, not NOF.
    You may have to sleuth this out yourself if the abouve doesn't work

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