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Thread: Version 7 to Version 13

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    Default Version 7 to Version 13

    I'm still using Version 7 or of those.
    And I'm using it to just maintain some non dynamic sites that have been up for YEARS..maybe 10 or more! I used the very first NOF that was stable and walked up through the versions and then kind of lost interest in doing web design at version 7. No reason..time and career got in the way.

    Now I'm looking at version 13. Is it possible to port the Version 7 sites over to 13?
    Also, I'd like to see some 'great example' websites created with the latest and greatest. Any URLs?
    Finally, am I going to get an UPGRADE..or should I just start over and buy the latest version? The new install would be on a new computer.

    I was gone so long..I had to re-register!

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    As far as I understand the NOF Marketing, there is no difference between the software you get when purchasing the Upgrade or the Full Version! Its just what you pay for it that differs.

    I also started with NOF 7.5, upgraded to NOF 12 and then to NOF 2013. If you are interested in some of the sites I have created please go to this link on my website and you can link to the sites. They are all fairly simple sites!

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    and this has to do with web design ... ?

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