Ray Campbell typed:
+AD4- Hi.
+AD4- It's me again, out on a limb sawing away between me and the
+AD4- tree. This may be a little OT, but hoping it's an easy
+AD4- enough tweak.
+AD4- I am attempting to eliminate an I-Frame by using a server
+AD4- side include. Simply using a text box, and inserting the
+AD4- following PHP:
+AD4- +ADw-?php include(+ACI-../../glossary/index.php+ACI-) ?+AD4-
+AD4- I've done it successfully with one script I'm using, but
+AD4- this one is giving me grief. When I load the page, I get
+AD4- the following error displayed:
+AD4- Warning: session+AF8-start() +AFs-function.session-start+AF0-:
+AD4- Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent
+AD4- (output started at /server/path/iglossary.php:10) in
+AD4- /server/path/ on line 11
+AD4- Below that, the script seems to do it's job.
+AD4- I commented out the following line in the
+AD4- file for the script:
+AD4- //session+AF8-start()+ADs-
+AD4- and that seems to have removed the error, but I'm wondering
+AD4- if I'm asking for trouble by doing this. If it makes any
+AD4- difference, this page will be accessed from a secure
+AD4- section of the site, so no doubt a session will already
+AD4- have been started.
+AD4- Any insights appreciated.
+AD4- -RayC

Assuming this is manually/externally written PHP and not something NOF tried
to create:

This is really a PHP question, not a NOF question. In PHP you can ONLY send
Headers ONCE. Something in your code prior to the include has already sent
your headers so you cannot do it again. I -think- it's saying the first time
headers were sent was on line 11, not sure because the message I see in my
version is worded slightly different.
The include you're trying to use is misplaced.

An excellent group for PHP questions is and are the best sites I've ever found for PHP
information.W3schools has an excellent tut on sessions, and includes, too. I
use them frequently.
Oh, and yes, the Session Start sent headers. So if you removed that, your
sessions are no longer running so you'll have trouble passing variables,
data from that page to another page/s.
Why not use a function instead of an include?
I'm no guru in PHP by any means so I'll leave the finals to another
responder or the suggested group and web sites above.



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