To change the global setting for filename extensions to PHP on a given

- Click Publish Site
- To the right of where it says Publish Files To, click the Edit icon
- Click the Advanced button
- Click the File Naming tab
- Click the options button to the right of the dropdown list for File
- Enter php

To do this for all sites, make that change in your Blank site template.


On 3/18/2010 8:06 AM, Twayne wrote:
> In,
> Dawn Suiter <> typed:
>> I would like to start out with a completely blank site
>> style... as opposed to having to change all of the
>> elements in this default style that keeps popping up. How
>> can I do this?
>> Also.. I would like to know if I"m missing the option
>> somewhere to make ALL pages .php as opposed to selecting
>> each page +ACY- changing it OR copying a blank page already
>> with that setting +ACY- pasting it repeatedly.
>> Thank so much

> I don't think you're missing an option for 100+ACU- PHP pages; NOF wasn't
> written for that.
> If you do a Search in Help for php you'll find pretty much
> the scope of PHP in NOF. Then try Find for it too for a few additional
> details.
> Actually, if you want to write a 100+ACU- PHP site, I'd look for an IDE to
> create PHP pages. And check with your site-server admin or the site
> FAQs to be sure they offer PHP and any rules they have for it.
> HTH,
> Twayne+AGA-
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