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Thread: How to emphasize the current navigation button?

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    Default How to emphasize the current navigation button?

    Hi! In Navigation Bars, is it possible to distinguish the navigation button of the current page in some way, e.g. make its caption bold or give it a different font color etc.?

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    Yes, in Style View you set the parameters for navigation buttons for four states: normal, rollover, highlighted (the one you are asking about) and highlighted rollover.

    I would strongly recommend reading the documentation; almost every question you've asked is in there. is the current one for 2015 but I would suggest first reading the Getting Started guide for version 11 (the last version it was produced as a pdf for) which takes you through the construction of a hypthetical web site. While 2015 has a number of additons to version 11, all the basics of NoF are there. It will take about a day to work through and after that you'll have a pretty good knowledge of NoF.

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    Thanks for the hint, will do so.

    That's also because I never read manuals. For me it's more fun finding everything out by playing with the things and/or while chatting with other users.

    But I will read the manual, promised.

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    Click on the style view icon.

    Then create a duplicate style based on the stock style. The reason for this is Fusion "shares" styles between site projects so you "could" make a change to one part (test font) and inadvertently apply that change to another site project without realizing it.

    Tutorial on how to dup a style that should be helpful:

    Once you have your dup style, then you can modify anything and everything you wish, including the nav buttons
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    Thanks for the hint, gotFusion.

    Do you think it would be a good idea for Neto to make the stock styles unchangeable and allow the user to make changes only in dup styles?

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