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Thread: Unable to locate Data Source "Insert Field" button

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    Question Unable to locate Data Source "Insert Field" button

    Following the instructions from this page (help files):

    Under the section titled: Understanding Data Source functionality this is written:

    14. From the Data Source tools, click the Insert Field button.

    Can't find the "Insert Field" button for the Data Source tools.

    Does anyone know where that button is? Probably right in front of me....

    Thanks much.

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    Update to the Update....

    Found it.

    As I found out, to complete the instructions in the help file mentioned above, the "Data Sources" toolbar needs to be displayed in the 'menu ribbon' across the top of the page. Right click on the ribbon and select it. (Perhaps having that toolbar listed with the others under the "View" menu option would prove helpful.)

    Got that done. But the "Insert Field" tool in the Data Sources toolbar wasn't visible.
    (BTW - looked around a lot of places for it. Something confusing me was another unrelated "Insert Field" tool that can be found by right clicking on the menu ribbon, select "Commands" then "All Commands". In the list is a "Insert Field". That's not the right one. Someday I might read the difference between the two, but not now...too busy...)

    So, to get the "Insert Field" to show up I had to click the "Reset Toolbar" option on the Data Sources toolbar. It wasn't visible when initially putting the Data Sources toolbar up on the menu ribbon.

    Also just an fyi - as in step 13 of the instructions mentioned above, you place a textbox on the Layout Region and type a caption/label for the field you intend to insert. To get the Insert Field to work, don't click out of the text box - the Insert Field is placed inside the textbox. Leave the cursor in the textbox and click the Insert Field tool and proceed to pick the field.

    Hope that helps...


    Lots of things to discover. (Is a user's guide available?)

    Right clicking on the tool bar "ribbon menu" area gives a menu containing the option to display "Data Source Tools" (which doesn't seem to be available from the main menu's "View" option??)

    So I've displayed the Data Source Tools, but still don't see an "Insert Field" button - only a grayed out "Insert Data Source..." option among various other options to add/edit/delete records, etc. BTW - all other available options for the Data Source Tools ribbon are being displayed. Am I looking totally in the wrong direction?

    Still seeking out the elusive Insert Field button....

    Have you done the 1-13 steps with Active database MsSQL, MySQL, or MS Access database that is PHP or AJAX compliant??

    The 13 preceding steps in the help mentioned above? Yes.

    The datafield toole (in advanced Tools shall be Active then)

    Ok. Didn't see that in the help info. Looking at Custom Components -> Advanced Tools I see a grayed out "Data Field".
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