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Thread: Preview of PHP scripts?

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    Default Preview of PHP scripts?

    Ok, here I post my third question as suggested by Barbara:

    Does NOF 2015 have a built-in web server to see the output of PHP scripts in an internal preview? If not: Is it possible to quickly (i.e. with one click or with a shortcut) publish the current page to a local web-space like e.g. XAMPP? (To see the output of PHP scripts).

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    No it doesn't... and yes you can publish locally and use WAMP or XAMPP or whatever to install Apache and PHP.
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    Thanks, Chuck. is this possible with one single click or shortcut?

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    In the past I've used MoWes Portable, which can be setup and run from a USB stick.

    The company that developed it has gone out of business -- tough business model to give things away for free.

    It can still be downloaded from Softpedia, however in a simple PHP+SWL+Apache and in a complete package which includes things like Wordpress (IIRC).

    Unfortunately, it's never a simple, one-click thing. You have to publish to your virtual server folder, then run the server emulation.
    Our German friends had a virtual server that was linked to NOF. Maybe Thomas or Barbara can remind us of the link. It may need updating to work with NOF2015...
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    PHP script preview is messed with coding which you can't diagnose the issue's of your site if you were totally newbie in this era. as when I start developing my new site page (YO WhatsApp) I also mistakenly open it's php script file and accidently I changed some coding in it which vanished my whole page from the web.

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