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Thread: Changing the preview scope with the Ctrl key

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    Default Changing the preview scope with the Ctrl key

    Hi! As has also been stated by other users, the internal preview in NOF2015 currently is unusable, so we have to stick with the preview in browser.

    However, sometimes a preview of the entire site is needed, other times only the preview of the current page is needed.

    As everybody knows, this can be changed in Application Options -> Preview Scope.

    However, it is cumbersome to open the Options dialog each time a change of the preview scope is needed.

    So the following feature would be very useful:

    When the Preview Scope in the Options dialog is set to Current Page, then a simple click on the Preview button should preview only the current page in the browser:

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    Additionally, when clicking the Preview button while holding down the CTRL key, this should preview the whole site in the browser.

    This would be very useful, as it would allow to change the preview scope each time as needed, without having to go to the Options dialog each time.

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    Great suggestion. +1

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    Hello forum administrators,

    Why is this crap still here?
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