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Thread: Bug in Application Options persistence?

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    Default Bug in Application Options persistence?

    Application Options -> Program -> Auto-generated image output:

    Set it to PNG, but after program restart it's always back to GIF!


    Edit: Don't need restart: Even after reopening the Application Options in the same session the PNG option has gone back to GIF!

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    It is not a bug but the UI could be improved here to make things clearer.

    Selecting the file extension will show the corresponding optimization setting. By default, GIF is selected.

    If you select PNG, change its optimization setting, and then click OK to save the changes, the next time that you open the Application Options dialog, GIF will be selected by default. Now, if you select PNG, your previously-edited optimization setting should be there.

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    Thanks Steve, everything clear now. I think the groupbox caption is misleading. Since it concerns the image output optimization, I would have set it to Auto-generated image output optimization. Or simply Image optimization. And instead of the combobox you could create a popup menu with GIF, JPEG and PNG as main items, where each of these has a submenu with dynamic radio-check items. That would have made it clearer that there are different choices for each extension, as a combobox is usually understood as a configuration choice and not as a compressed UI.

    Also, it seems that many developers tend to build tiny (configuration) dialogs to save screen estate. Maybe they have grown up with the old stone-age stamp-size monitors, so the tendency to make everything as narrow as possible has become an instinct.

    It's also inconsistent that the Current Site Options dialog is not resizable, while the Application Options dialog is resizable. Most users hate to not see the entire path in an edit field, as this can easily lead to errors.

    The possibilities in NOF are enormous, larger than in comparable programs. I would try to make all this more accessible to the user with a better UI.
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