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Thread: Cannot Upload Complete webs site with flipping book.

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    Default Cannot Upload Complete webs site with flipping book.

    I am using fusion 7.5 and I have created a website which includes some flipping books. It works fine with local publish. But when I publish my web online it doesn't open flash flipping books because it doesn't include that books into "Assets Folder". either I dont know how to attach a flipping book with your website. I just create a hyper link to the "index.html" page of the book on my website. Please help me if somebody understand my problem.

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    which software you had used?
    you can use google to search "3dpageflip", find 3dpageflip standard to convert pdf to flip book with 3d flipping effect, also can easy to upload online.
    there also have lots of faq to help you upload created flipping book online.

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    You can upload flipping books to website with FTP. The flipbooks made by this software can create flipbooks for uploading online. You can search how to publish flipbook online in google and you will get the answer from the site.

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