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Thread: Secure Site error

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    Default Secure Site error

    I have installed the secure site component and am receiving an error when publishing...Can't copy file: C:\Users\Joe\Documents\NetObjects Fusion 12.0\NetObjects System\Profiles\Joe\SecureSite\SecureSite.xml
    The system cannot find the file specified.

    Any ideas?



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    I have removed the secure site component (I think) and am still receiving this error. I have also re-optimized the site and verified the assets.

    Strange, that after installing the secure site component and adding all the components to the site, I get this error. Now it pops up every time I publish.

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    The `From` email is the email address that will appear in the From field when an email will be sent by this component. This email address must have the right format, otherwise the email sent by the component can not be delivered by your provider’s email SMTP server.???

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