Incredibly frustrating. I've tried downloading and re-registering under three different e-mail addresses, two different browsers, pop-ups off, etc, and all I get is an e-mail that says that "Steve Raubenstine" is sending me my license key, in an e-mail that has no license key.

Anyone have any idea what's wrong, here? Check out the confirmation e-mail I got:

Hello Bill,

My name is Steve Raubenstine and I'd like to personally welcome you to the NetObjects community.

I'm sending you this email to deliver the license you requested. Your license key is needed to install NetObjects Fusion Essentials. If you choose to upgrade to a new version, you'll need this key to establish your eligibility for discounted upgrade pricing.

Download NOF Essentials

There are many online resources, tutorials and free enhancements available on to help you get started. Make sure to stop by the online forums and say hello. A bunch of NetObjects Fusion experts hang out there and are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Team NetObjects

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