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Thread: Not long now to make your web site mobile friendly

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    Quote Originally Posted by franko View Post
    Here's a wake up call: Google to use mobile friendliness as a ranking signal from April 21st.

    How far away is a responsive output NoF? If it's later than a couple of months, many users are going to jump ship.

    Hi there,

    I never got any notification from Google or other big or small search engines.

    I guess they know that if they send me unfavourable notifications, they will get into serious trouble with me ...
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    Default Greetings Franco, fellow long term NOF user.

    Quote Originally Posted by franko View Post
    IMHO MACAW is a quantum leap in graphically based drag and drop progams. It has great support and some excellent tutorial videos. Although I haven't bought it yet (it's US$179 and I can't justify that as I'm retired now and most of my sites are pro-bono) if I get the requirement for a responsive site from a paying client then I'll buy it like a shot. I've looked through the tutorial and dl'd a fully functional demo (yep they do that) and I'm confident I could be up and running with it, with references back to the documentation, in pretty quick time. And I bet I'm older than you

    But I would rather stick with NoF as I've been with it since 1996 and was a beta tester while it was in development. I'm loyal in that way; NoF has given me a living on and off for nearly 20 years and I'm grateful for it. But I do believe the two together, NoF and MACAW can answer 80% of a small site developer's needs.
    It was 1997 for me. I flew to Redland in SF to get my copy and meet everyone. They kindly gave me a pile of boxed editions, for which I was very thankful. Until I realised they were all for Mac.
    Just got back into it.
    I am horrified about this responsive development. I can live without a component, I can insert code. But all the good stuff is in German. I, like yourself am in Australia, Macleay Island in Queensland. Tough living on a subtropical island, but someone has to do it.
    Heavy redevelopment at the moment, but .. I am editor @ ..
    any help welcome!

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    Frankly I think that for publications and sites with subscribed or serial content responsive output is less of an issue. Responsiveness is essential for retail and similar businesses that rely on impulse purchases or have a market that accesses information or makes decisions on the run.

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