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Thread: Some Stupid Newcomer Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kira Resari View Post
    Oh, and also...
    After I noticed that it didn't work, I wanted to exit without saving, in order to fall back to an earlier version.
    However, I found out that NOF automatically saved at some point, and so now I have a broken version. How can I prevent that?
    When you close a site project, Fusion saves all changes


    It renames and moves the file you OPENED into the backup area (unchanged).

    This tutorial will explain how to "roll back"
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    Cool, thank you.

    By the way, I also figured out how to make the hover-buttons work.
    I'm using actions now by showing and hiding images which are exactly in the same spot. It's a bit cubersome, but it works.

    I'm still wondering why that Picture Rollover Tool didn't work though... Would've been convenient.

    Also, I figured out how to make good use of the hotspots, also by using actions to display hidden images, however...
    If I place links on those hover-images, they behave ...weird.
    Instead of jumping to the anchor I assigned, they instead open up a file browser.
    ...which is doubly weird, since when I use the exact same link on the hotspot instead, it works just fine.
    Also, when I put a link to another site there, it works too.

    It seems to be related to the action "On Mouse out -> Hide", because if I delete this action, everything works just fine again (although, the hover-image is still there in that case...)
    Any ideas how to handle this?
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