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Thread: NetObjects Fusion 2015 - Update #1 released

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    Lightbulb NetObjects Fusion 2015 - Update #1 released

    NetObjects Fusion 2015 Update - Build 15.00.0000.1050 - 03.24.2015

    • WEBFONTS: When restoring .ZIP backup that contains webfonts that were not included with NOF, install and register new fonts
    • WEBFONTS: Default "always publish" flag to FALSE
    • ANALYTICS: Use asynchronous code for "classic" Google Analytics
    • UI: Suppress Javascript exceptions in internal browser (e.g. Google Analytics)
    • PUBLISH: edit and publish TITLE attribute for form fields
    • PUBLISH: publish ALT attribute for form buttons
    • PUBLISH: fixed W3 validation errors for new form <input> types when publishing as HTML5
    • PUBLISH: publish ID attribute for hidden form fields
    • PUBLISH: do not publish TITLE for <form> container DIV
    • PUBLISH: do not write entries for image links in sitemap.xml
    • SNIPPET: include object ID in snippet editor caption
    • SNIPPET: include header markup when publishing snippet that is inside of MLR
    • PUBLISH: fixed W3 validation errors related to <meta> tags and HTML5
    • UI: made some comboboxes taller (e.g. site options charset, text style)
    • CSS: Fixed issue publishing CSS files where decimal values (e.g. 0.5) would lose fractional portion (e.g. published as 0.0).
    • PUBLISH: User-created tables now published with alignment CLASS (e.g. nof-block-center, nof-wrap-right)
    • PUBLISH: Filter out unsupported <meta> elements when publishing as HTML5. HTML5 tags are now closed.
    • CAROUSEL: Fixed initial draw of images when carousel is inside of MLR - die 250 besten Online Shops der Schweiz
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    are the small symbol buttons available in the GUI now?

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