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    I am not a web developer so please forgive my questions if they sound funny. I have been using NOF from #4 to now #15 for my business. I had someone make my site using it. Now it’s up to me to build my new site. My first Question is multie layered. Do I have to set the size of the site to optimize for cell phones and tablets or does the program do it for me? If I have to than what size and how?

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    Hello kustoms, this subject and related questions has been hashed, bashed and throw on to the curb for pick up. Probably why no response up to this point. There has been many, many posts on this including responsive/adaptive versus a separate mobile site. So hit the search box with stuff like mobile, responsive, mobile friendly, mosaic, Google and so on.

    And yes you will have to set the width of your pages if you want to "optimize"(key word) for cell and tablet. No the program will not do this for you although many devices will fit a page to the width of the screen. What size? This is very subjective and many say a 321 pixel width if that's the only break point or if you have a separate mobile site.

    Spend some time researching and reading about mobile web design until you've got some idea of the of the three basic concepts. 1) Do nothing about it and or shoot for passable on both. 2) Make a adaptive/responsive site. 3) Make two sites, one mobile and one desktop. Then you have to decide or not to reduce content with-in the process of making a mobile site or pages. That being scaled down and reduced content for the mobile. Like hours, location, storefront, etc. Skip all the fluff and keep it simple.

    So with some work you'll be able to decide which road to travel. And whatever you decide you'll be right, and there will be plenty of other people in that same camp with you.

    Regards - Donald

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    ... well - I am working since some time on a responsive page which works either on PCs or on mobile devices. This is possible and I hope Fusion is going to pick up this idea pretty soon.

    My example is not "pretty" but shows the technique (it's all NOF - reduce your browser window and/or use your mobile device).
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