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Thread: Program crashing repeatedly when i try to upload

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    Default Program crashing repeatedly when i try to upload

    NOF crashes every time I try to upload. My computer had an update to windows and Norton last week. I have noticed some files deleted in other areas of my computer. Don't know if this is the issue but I have uninstalled NOF2013 and reinstalled and installed the update #5.

    I've reopened my nod file and tried to upload again but it crashed again. Don't know what else to do. Any help appreciated.

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    Hi Laura,

    By upload do you mean "Publish Site"? If so, I've had this problem too. You can play around with ticking or un-ticking the check box for "Connect passive mode" under Advanced Publish Settings.

    For me, when the FTP window gets stuck, I've found I can still use the main program window to 'Close Site'. That will make it so that when you re-open the site it doesn't have to do a recovery of your site file.

    I then use task manager 'Ctrl-Alt-Del' and kill the NOF application. And then re-run NOF and try again, and again until it works. Usually passive-mode will work, but I may get some file errors in which case I try again.

    Also, consider backing up your site and doing a Re-optimize (under Site view, then Tools menu).

    Let me know how it goes.


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    Does your site Local Publish without crashing? If so, then the issue is in your ftp settings as surpl indicated. You can use an ftp program such as Filezilla to upload your program to the production server. If that works ok, and the site displays ok, then I'd use that as my default publishing method until I could sort out the issue with the inbuilt ftp utility. If you can't upload using a dedicated ftp program then the issue is with your settings for you host.

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