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Mike, the current one has stopped working with recent interations of flash. When working the results are shown in real time, you can make the changes as you go and see the results instantly as it's all running in a flash executable.

There are around 17 canopy colours, 20 post colours. All of these with and without a valance and they can be used in whatever combination the buyer wishes: alternate coloured panels with a different coloured valance, for example, if that's what the buyer wanted. Even a different colour for each panel plus different colours for each valance panel. They can only have one coloured post, though. The configurator simply needs to be able to show all these combinations. 'Simply' being the operative word - as you've so rightly stated in another thread today, the simpler the interface the more complex the underlying code.

Flash is dead. We need a configurator as per above written in html/css/javascript so that it is portable across all browsers on all devices. As I said, the original is working on my PC but not in a browser on the web. Not sure why but that's the case. I can email the original swf files to anyone interested in quoting so they can get a rough idea of what we had although I would hope that it could now be improved upon.
One truth emerges from this thread: if a NOFer has special requirements, there must be a special section in this forum *WANTED* where he/she can post it.
We owe courtesy to one another and passing work to one another here is the right thing to do.

We must help one another and not give work on outsiders first. That would be nice.