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Thread: data appearing on EVERY existing and new page

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    Question data appearing on EVERY existing and new page

    I have a weird issue I never had with NOF before. No idea if it is related to latest version or a supid setting by me?

    Try to explain what happens.
    I started building a new site. It has been a while since I worked with NOF, latest version I used was 11.
    Wanted to use a specific background for this site. Made a JPG of it, found a matching style, copied that style and used th JPG as a background.
    Started with the homepage and set the HomeLayout to 1500 x 800 pix, almost the size of the background I applied.
    First pages worked fine, every page I applied same layout size within the masterborder.
    No page exceeded 1500 x 800 pix data within the layout form so far.
    Then I filled up a page "x" with text and pics exceeding the 800 pix lenght. This worked fine without changing the layout form, just extended the text form started within the layout form...
    I now notice that the layout height of page "x" has been adapted (automatically?) to 1347 pix ... but teh content stretches much more till about 2400 pix. Then I noticed I could not add any content anymore, error showed up "too big". Was already looking for the reason for NOF not accepting more data, and found somewhere in another post that the limits are 33.000 pix? No clue why it stops accepting on my page at 2400 ...
    To my surpise, on every other page the text and pics exceeding the applied layout of 1500 x 800 of this one page "x" appear as well!
    So now I have pages with the content as foreseen, and below the layout form containing the intended data also shows up the content of that page "x" (everything from "x" over 800 pix till 2400 pix)

    Why? What did I do wrong?
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    sounds like you added the content to the masterborder instead of the layout

    any content you add to the masterborder will appear on all pages (sharing the same masterborder)

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    To expand on Anton's answer you may want to go over this tutorial that will give you more details
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