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Thread: Properties of DIV with table cell

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    Default Properties of DIV with table cell


    I'm new to NOF, and I'd like to update the inline style properties of a DIV tag within a cell of a table. I can't update the code directly, can I? Anyway, I think the only thing to do is to go in to design mode, and click on the object I'm trying to update, then update the properties in the properties window.

    Anyway, it let's me click on the cell, and the properties window says "Cell Properties". But from there it won't let me access the DIV to update the styles.

    Anyone know what I should do?


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    Can you create a pseudo class for what you want and apply it?

    It is better to declare a class then apply it rather than to inline edit one class at a time
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    good idea, I'll try it.


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    so then how do I access the div to set the class to something, or create an ID?


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