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    I'm using 12 in Windows 8.. Not the greatest stability in 8 but when it does freeze every once in a while in always unfreezes without any set backs. It can be a little slow between pages, otherwise it's working for me. I started with 4. My site is pretty much the same as when I built it and don't have any needs for new features. So what would getting 2015 do for me? And when Windows 10 is installed then what ?

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    Fusion 12 was released in 2010 and designed to work with windows Vista and 7.

    Fusion 2015 was released in 2015 and designed to work with windows 7 and 8

    Even though older software products may work with the latest windows operating system they were not designed to do so and do not take advantage of the latest operating system options and features.
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    I recently asked myself the same question. I have version 11. It really depends on what you want from your website. For me the number of people who access my site from a smartphone is growing. Therefore responsive functionality is desirable. However NOF is not there yet. Many other software vendors do offer this. But for me NOF does many things like masterborders very well. At the moment I am waiting to see what eventuates. I am not in any hurry to run out and buy, but need to get the job done in the next month or so.
    I hope these thoughts help you to make the right decision... for you.

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    FWIW I'm still updating sites in v12 on windows 10 without any issues so far.

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