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Thread: Availability of Netobjects Fusion Essentials 7.5

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    Default Availability of Netobjects Fusion Essentials 7.5

    I'm helping out a chap who has health problems with his site. Having resolved his hacking problem (he found good backups: isn't that amazing!) we've established that he's using Netobjects fusion essentials 7.5, but he can't find whatever source, media or whatever he used to install it, and it would make things rather easier if I had a copy available. Unfortunately he's the other end of the country so I don't really want to drive over and start hunting round his PC collection. Is it possible to obtain this antique version from anywhere? I'd find an old version of Windows to run it on either in a VM or on old hardware.

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    The only ones who can distribute Fusion is the NetO company.

    You may want to open a ticket with them and ask if they will send you a copy of the discontinued free product
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