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Thread: Password protected section in a website

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    Default Password protected section in a website

    I am a virtual novice in building a website and I have been asked to create a site for my local sports club. I am looking for software to help in the building of the site, and I have been attracted to NOF 2015, as I used an earlier version of the software several years ago. Before I bite the bullet and invest in a copy, I have a couple of fundamental questions. The site that I am looking to build is mainly a static site, but there are areas where I will need to perform content management on a regular basis. Does NOF make this easy to do? Also, although the website will be in the public domain, I want to be able to incorporate a password protected members only area. Is it easy to do this with NOF? If anybody can provide simple answers to these or point me in the right direction to get documented answers I would be very grateful.

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    Anything is "doable"

    there is a component you can use to password protect pages. You can also use a network password though your hosting control panel if all you want is a lock out, log in and view. Check with your web host on how to do this as it is the simplest way. If each member needs access to a dedicated page then you need to get some form of user authentication and permissions and this is software all on its own.

    CMS is easily done though 3rd party online services for free. A dab of coding inserted in Fusion enables this. If you want it all "in-house" you will need to code it or have someone code it for you.
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