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Thread: photo and text disappears then reappears

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    Default photo and text disappears then reappears

    I don't know what has caused this change but when I open up my home page there is a photo and large text box missing, and where the photo should be is a photo tag which I have not used for over a year. When you open up another page on the site and then go back to the home page, the correct photo appears (with the correct tag), and the green text box also appears. The rest of the website pages are fine, it is just the home page that does this, and it does it on all browsers.

    I am using Netobjects fusion 10 and it says the disappearing photo is successfully published every time I publish the site.

    If I haven't explained the problem very well you will see it on my website

    I hope you can please help me work out why.

    24 sept 2015 website host tells me the problem is a file or link called body_index.html but I cannot find this anywhere.

    4 October update...this problem is seriously affecting my website business and I could really use some help. NetObjects technical help take a week to answer emails and are not addressing the problem so I hope someone else can help. It appears when I update my home page I am updating a body_home file but not body_index. A much older version of my site has a body_index.html and index.html files under "publish" but no body_home files. My current version has body_home.html and home.html but no body_index files. I have no idea how it changed. Can anyone please tell me how to fix this?
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