I've been a user of NOF since 7.1, went up to 10, then stopped updating my web pages for the last year or so. I now want to get back to them. I've upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 in the mean time, and somehow the executable etc. for NOF 10 have not been backed up. That is to say the top directory is empty, but all the lower ones are OK, it seem - I know, very odd. After all my updates with NOF 10, I always saved in a template to be safe.

So now I don't have NOF 10, I thought I'd try NOF essentials. It installed fine, but when I tried to open any of the old template files as 'file -> new site -> from template', it just tells me that the template was created with an incompatible version of Fusion. So can anyone help in saving the situation? Thanks,